Handbag / Working Bag Merkatina City Brown Scarlet

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  • Handbag and shoulder bag with several storage pockets for a tablet, phone, eyewear case, hand crème, a pen and a large zip pocket.
  • The bag shape is inspired by Oriental pagoda architecture.
  • Akaso signature skin scarification motif on the front and the back. A motif co-created with the Kara tribe in Ethiopia, famous for their abstract body painting art and skin scarification.
  • Fine full grain calf leather, made in Tuscany, Italy.
  • Closes with a leather strap with metal turn lock.
  • Comfortable handles : carry the bag either in your hand, on your arm or shoulder.
  • Leather cross body shoulder strap : removable and adjustable.
  • Finishing inside : deluxe durable fabric.
  • Metal studs on the bottom.
  • Metal accessories white gold plated.
  • H 20 cm, L 25,5 cm, D 9,5 cm. / W : 11,7”, H : 9,5”, D : 5,5”
  • Each Akaso bag is made of fine full grain calf leather made in Italy.   We use a tanning technique that colors the skin in depth: this will conceal any small scratch that may appear on your bag due to tear and wear. The tanning technique also reveals the natural skin structure, sign that we use the finest skins free of any marks. After tanning, each skin is tumbled to add suppleness and best resistance against tear-and-wear. At the end, each Akaso skin gets a finishing that will protect it against water and dust for a year at least.
  • The Akaso leather tanning and finishing technique will preserve the natural beauty of each skin as it ages : each Akaso bag is designed for longevity. We recommend to clean and nourish your Akaso handbag following our Leather Goods Care Guide.
  • The Merkatina bag is constructed inside out : the body is built with leather of various thicknesses creating structure and suppleness where we need it, and this structure is subsequently “dressed” on the outside with the Akaso full grain leather decorated with the signature scarification motif. This requires a lot of precise handwork and long production times.