Fine fabrics care

Tencel / Modal

All Akaso t-shirt tops for men and women are made either in Tencel or Modal.  Both materials are organic made from wood pulp.  The Akaso Tencel is sourced from the European company that invented Tencel.  They produce this amazing super soft and anti-bacterial yarn via a closed loop cycle : all chemicals used to extract yarns from the wood pulp are re-used.  There is zero negative impact on the environment.

Akaso Tencel is super light and very much indicated to wear during hot and humid days : it always stays fresh and clean on the skin.

Akaso Tencel is thin and light and a real pleasure to wear : avoid friction with belts that may have sharp edges which may produce small holes in the fabric.  Akaso Tencel garments always have a loose fit to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Machine wash your Akaso Tencel tops : put them in a washing bag to protect the fabric.  Choose a delicate washing programme on 30C.  Dry on a hanger in a damp place, like your washing room or shower room : the moist in the air will help to dry your Tencel top without any pleats.  If after drying a pleat is present, do not iron, but rather use some steam : within a few seconds of steaming any pleat will disappear.

Cotton Sweatshirt

All Akaso sweatshirts are made from our signature deluxe 100% pure cotton with a very unique fabric structure, designed to last for many many years.

Machine wash at 30C.  Reverse the garment inside out to protect the prints or embroideries.  Put the wet garment on a hanger, pull the sweatshirt into shape.   As such, no ironing is needed once the garment is dry.