Bags & Leathergoods Care

Akaso uses the finest Italian calf leather and lamb skins for all it's bags and small leather goods.  For men's wallets Akaso uses patent leather.  Every Akaso leather colour is in-house developed together with our tannery in Tuscany, where we select and inspect every single skin.

Every skin has been tanned and finished to the highest standards : no care is required of your Akaso leather handbag or leather good during the first month's of use.


Treat the leather of your Akaso handbag as you would treat your own facial skin : before applying any nourishing product, we recommend to clean the leather first.

Just as your own facial skin, the leather of your bag is exposed to dust and air pollution which will deposite on the leather surface.  If you use your bag on a daily basis we recommend to clean the leather every 3 to 4 months, using a specific shampoo formulated for leather cleaning.  Do not use baby wipes or other substances which may contain small amounts of alcohol as these will dehydrate and deteriorate the leather.  At the Akaso Brussels boutique you may purchase professional cleaning and nourishing products for leather.

The cleaning ritual will not take more than 15 minutes of your time.


After cleaning the leather of your bag, you may apply a nourishing cream on the leather once the leather is dry again.  Nourishing the leather is not needed after every cleaning operation : once a year is enough.  If your bag is exposed to harsh and extreme climate conditions and looks a bit 'poor', you may consider to nourish the leather twice a year.

Bags that have been stored for a long time in a box or closet do also suffer from dehydratation : do clean and nourish the bag before you use them.

As a leather nourishing cream we highly recommend the all natural and vegan Saphire Nappa Cream : you can purchase this cream at the Akaso Brussels boutique.  You can use this cream for all your fine leather goods including shoes and belts.  Apply small drops on the clean leather surface and massage into the leather using a textile cloth.  We recommend to start with small amounts of cream in order to avoid over saturation.  You may repeat the operation if the leather surface feels dry after the first round of cream.  Once the operation is finished, allow the bag to rest for one hour : after which you can use your bag straight away.

Patent Leather

Used on the Akaso men's wallets.  Patent leather has received a specific coating on the skin surface making the skin completely sealed.  You can clean the surface with a soft cloth.  Nourishing is not recommended as the skin will not absorb any product.


Some Akaso bags use goat suede for the inside lining.  Akaso suedes have a repellent coating.  Over time the suede may collect dust.  To clean we recommend the suede shampoo of the French brand Saphire.  Stains can be removed with the Saphire Gomadin gum.  To restore the repellent apply the Saphire Suede repellent spray : this spray will prevent from stains to enter the suede fibre, making them easier to remove.  All these products can be purchased at the Akaso Brussels boutique.


Akaso has a repair service in Brussels.  Some of the miracles that we can handle : shortening of shoulder straps, correction of (deep) scratches, zip and lining repair, etc.