Knitwear Care

You've worn your sweater for a couple of days, or you were in a smoking room or close to a chimney. Your sweater is not dirty, yet you would like to refreshen it.

Washing is an option, however not always needed: hang your sweater in the open air for a day or night, especially when it's cold outside: ice cold air neutralises bad smells.

As an alternative, you can put your sweater in a fabric or plastic bag, and put this in your freezer for at least 24 hours. Defrost at room temperature.

The Akaso knit yarns are from the best Italian quality: they are all submitted to a thermic anti-shrinkage treatment. On top of that, once knitted, each Akaso sweater is washed before being shipped to our store.

In other words, when you follow the Akaso care instructions, your sweater will never shrink.

For sweaters whether they contain wool or not.  Washing machine : you must select the wool programme. Choose temperature 30C. Attention : this is not the same as a regular washing programme at 30C. A wool programme is shorter and more gentle.

If you have never used your wool programme before, try it out first with a sweater you can afford to loose.

Use an organic or natural detergent. Do not use Woolite as it is much too aggressive for super fine wools.

Hand wash : dissolve your natural detergent in lukewarm water.  Massage the water into the sweater.  Let it rest for minimum 4 hours.  Then take your sweater out of the water, rinse thoroughly with cold water.  Then gently massage the remaining water out of your sweater.

Always dry your knit sweaters flat : stretched into its normal shape on a towel.
When stretching your sweater, do not over stretch it.

Do not dry directly on a heat source.

Any Akaso sweater will dry within a full day or night.
Then fold and store, ready to be worn again :-)

SOS Emergencies
If you have a snag or a hole in your sweater : contact us for help and advice.
Most repairs can be done by yourself, following our advice.
We have a repair service in Brussels.