Voucher Boncado Brussels

Increase your budget with 20% free cashUse the Boncado Brussels Voucher to pay in the Akaso online store and the Akaso Brussels boutique.  If interested, continue reading:


Akaso is a member of the Gift Voucher programme Boncado Bruxelles, an initiative funded by the City of Brussels aimed to sustain small independent retail businesses in Brussels.

What is it ?  The Boncado Bruxelles voucher is a payment method which can be used in the participating Brussels based businesses.  When purchasing a voucher, the city of Brussels adds 20% to its value.  For example, you buy a voucher of 200 euro, the voucher has a payment value of 240 euro in the Akaso boutique.  The voucher can only be bought online and is valid for one year.  Everyone can buy the vouchers, both residents in Belgium and abroad.  Vouchers can be purchased till December 31, 2021.

Order your vouchers via the page link here below: the page is not available in English.  See detailed instructions below on this page.  If you need further assistance, please contact the Akaso Customer Service: customercare@akaso.eu



How does it work ?  You estimate the amount you wish to spend in the Akaso store for a specific purchase.  You divide that amount by 1,2 = this is your voucher amount.

You purchase your voucher on the Boncado website (see link here above.)

Each voucher has a unique ID code.  Communicate the ID number of each voucher to the Akaso boutique.  We will then validate your voucher(s) via the Boncado web platform.  After validation, Akaso receives the voucher value amount.  Example : if you spent 200 euro on a voucher, its value is 240 euro.  Akaso receives 240 euro from Boncado.  Boncado receives 40 euro from the City of Brussels.

We do not need a print out of your voucher: you can keep a digital copy of the voucher on your smart phone.

Example: you wish to spend 300 euro in the Akaso store.

300 / 1,2 = 250 euro = voucher amount.  You save 50 euro.


Limitations.  The maximum subsidy per voucher is 100 euro.  If you buy a voucher of 500 euro, the store value will be 600 euro.  If you wish to spend more than 600 euro at Akaso, you will have to purchase 2 or more vouchers.  If you need or wish to buy multiple vouchers, we recommend to by the vouchers one by one, and limit the voucher purchase amount to 500 euro. 

Example : you wish to spend 840 euro at Akaso.  You need to buy vouchers for an amount of 700 euro (= 840 / 1,2).  At the Boncado website, buy first a voucher for an amount of 500 euro.  Then make a second voucher purchase of 200 euro.  You will receive a voucher purchase confirmation e-mail and a voucher delivery e-mail for each voucher.

Each person can buy a maximum of 2000 euro on vouchers.

If your actual purchase in the Akaso store is lower than your voucher value, we will issue a credit voucher for the balance, which you can use for a future purchase.


Using vouchers in the Akaso online store.  The Akaso webshop can not validate in real time your Boncado voucher ID numbers.  We propose this work around:

(1) send your order by e-mail to : customercare@akaso.eu

(2) include in your order your delivery address and the Boncado voucher ID numbers.

(3) We will then treat your order as a classic online order.  Delivery within 2-3 business days.

(4) Please check if a shipping charge applies on your online order.  If yes, please include this in your total order amount.  To check the Akaso shipping charges, please consult Shipping page.


Step-by-step Instructions

Go to the Boncado website by clicking on this link : 



1. Click on the button "J'achète un BXL-Boncadeau"

2. Page "Choisissez un Commerce Local" - Click on "Rechercher"

3. In the upper left field "mots clefs, commerce" : enter "Akaso" + click on the search icon

4. Next, click on the photo of our store. Then click on the green button "sélectionner"

5. Next, click on the pink button "Suivant"

6. Personalise your Boncadeau "Personalissez votre Boncadeau" :

"de qui" : fill in your name

"Pour qui ?" : fill in the name of the person who will use the voucher (your name)

"Message" : you can leave this open

"Valeur du Boncadeau" : fill in the voucher purchase amount in euro (= the desired store value amount devided by 1,2)

"Quantité" : the amount of vouchers of the above mentioned purchase amount.  If you wish to buy a multiple of vouchers of the same amount, fill in the desired quantity here.

Click on the green button "Suivant"

7. "Sélectionnez un Modèle de Boncado" : choose any of the proposed design lay-outs

8. "Comment souhaitez-vous envoyer votre Boncado ?" : click the pink button "par sms ou e-mail"

9. A new form will open "Envoyer le Boncado par e-mail"

"Nom Complet" : fill in the name of the voucher receiver

"Email / Téléphone" : fill in either your e-mail address or mobile phone number

"Planifier" : leave this open

Click on the green button "Sauver"

10. Next, you will return to previous page and click on the green button "Suivant"

11. "Panier" : shopping basket overview

"Prenom" : fill in your first name

"Nom" : fill in your family name

"Email" : fill in your e-mail address

Tick the box followed by "J'accepte les conditions ...."

Select a payment method

Click on the green button "Effectuer le Paiement" : you will then be directed to a secure payment page where you can complete your payment.  Once your payment is confirmed you will receive within a minute the voucher by e-mail or sms.