Summer 17 Backstage

Kara tribe artist Gelte made this print - which we dubbed Hello - depicting her friendship with her fellow artists Keri and Hailu.  In fact, the original design shows three figures.  On this sweater, the drawing is split between front and back.This drawing reads like a 'clear line' comic - just a few lines are enough to evoke a strong emotion.

Ivory Easy Tee Duz Waves.  Print is a zoom out of a body painting design with waves pattern - featured by Kara tribe artist Gusho.  Just a few minutes and a small wood brush to make this timeless design.  Matte gold print showing the texture of the original body paint.

Birdie Print.  Short and long finger strokes are a popular pattern in Kara tribe body painting.  The Kara take inspiration from the rich feather patterns of the many birds roaming their habitat.Zoom in on the print to see how we reproduced the details of the finger strokes.

For their color palette, the Kara use only what nature provides them.  Yet they are inventive, using various stones which they buy from as far as Kenya.  Various shades of ochre, orange and pink are all obtained from grounding stones.

KISS Print.  Made by artist Keri.  Symbolising love, friendship and mutual understanding.  Very appropriate in times where some promote selfishness and greed.

Knit sweater with metallic bones print on arms, true reproduction of the Bones pattern featured here by Kara artist Wucho on his back.