Gusho Legacy

On June 28, 2017 one of our most beloved and talented Kara for Akaso artist Gusho passed away.  A rather shy fellow yet who could often make the whole bunch laugh with his fine humour.  A bee keeper, in his late 30s and father of four children.  Died from rabies.

Here we pay tribute to his work - he was a key member of the founding Kara for Akaso co-creation workshop.  He favoured graphic designs.

Gusho, farewell my friend.  Rest in peace.

Gusho and fellow artist Bulko at work in the make shift Design Studio - Akaso workshop December 2014

The very first Akaso outdoor body painting co-creation session - Animals theme.  Gusho is skilfully painting his fellow Wucho, transforming him into a Gorilla ... 

Gusho Mister Wave Maker - A marvellous body painting design, featured in the Akaso 2017 collections.  And which has appeared again in 2019 collections.

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