Lost in Translation

December 8 - 2014.  Body painting co-creation session by the Omo river.  Theme 'Animals' - the Kara Six artists will personify an animal through body painting.

The Kara use white clay from the Omo river bed for the base paint.  Grinded charcoal for Black.  Various stones are grinded for colours such as ochre and red.

Seems we are Lost in Translation.  This is not what we meant with 'animal personification'.  Our driver Alex seems to be a far better translator ...

The Making off the AKASO Spring Summer 16 ZEBR print design - performed by Kara artist Bulko, created by his fellows Wucho and Gusho

The original AKASO Zebr design - reproduced true to the original on sweatshirt Ari Zebr and tops Duz Zebr and Jinka Zebr

Photographs by Akaso designer Michaël Marson