2018 Kara Body Painting

Every 6 months we commission new body painting creations from our fixed team of artists of the Kara community in the Kara village Dus.  This team sources inspiration from their vast lexicon of body painting motifs.  Sometimes we inspire our Kara team with photos of Kara body painting art found in books, some photos illustrating previous generations creations.

Stripes are a popular motif among the Kara.  According to the final composition, the stripes have different meaning.  In the 'Bamboo' composition, the stripes symbolise the Omo River and the small V symbols represent the various animals inhabiting the river such as fish and crocodiles.

The Kara are quite inventif in their body painting tooling.  Apart from a miticulous use of fingers, they apply small wooden but also 'vegan disposible' tools found in nature.

For the Blur print the Kara artist used a spray technique made with a brush.

This facial painting is one my season's favourites.  Looks like patches applied with stitches.  Our Kara artists did not give it any real meaning.  The Kara often make facial paintings that have the sole objective to transform the outlook of the face.  We used a fragment of the stitch motif for our Lema print featured on alpaca knit sweaters for men and women, and a cotton sweater for men.

The team that created the 2018 Akaso Kara body painting prints counts 9 men and women: 4 of the original team with whom our collaboration started in 2014.  In these photos we proudly present: Wucho, Gelte, Hailu, Bulko, Assefa, Lito, Mora, Modja and Duka.