Cocreation @ Work

Kara girls wearing the typical Kara dress adorned with shells and reserved for ceremonies

Bulko performing a turtoise design, a pattern created by the young Kara generation

Kara man Wucho has his head decorated with a typical Kara clay bun, sign of bravery.

"The Three Graces" Kara style.  Kara man Wucho in the middle and his friend wear 'swipe', a typical Kara body painting design, inspired by bird feathers and symbol of energy.

The Kara wardrobe from clothes to accessories is a tale of embedded codes ... men and women wear bracelets, the position on the arm indicating their mariage status.  During this courting ceremony scene, we see a young man with bracelets painted on his lower arm, meaning he is single and courting a partner ...

The Kara Six asked us to live the European Art Academy experience.  Every morning we kicked off the day discussing the day's design theme.  Here we see Wucho explaining the 'Faces' theme.

Theme "Faces" - here we asked the artists to draw the face of their colleague artist without lifting up their pen ...

The Making off the Akaso icon print 'GUSHO' named after the Kara designer Gusho, also a father of 4 children and bee keeper.  He created this design with collage technique with strips of black paper.

The Kara favor asymmetrical designs - this design is the base of the Akaso Keri Strps design, combined with a stripe motive designed by female artist Keri, and featured on sweatshirt Hailu Keri Strps and top Turmi Keri Strps.  

For the Keri Strps print we developed a print technique that simulates the grain of the body paint and the subtle shine of the skin ... only at Akaso